Tokyo Olympics 2021 is a much awaited sports event as the whole world is keeping its eyes on this magnanimous event. It would be the 32nd edition of Olympics this year, and it is all set to take place in Japan. Japan is the host of the Summer Olympics 2021, and it is going to be the biggest sports competition of the world. Best of the athletes and sportspersons will be competing against each other for the gold. It would be interesting to see the battle of the bests in Tokyo.

Olympics 2021 Live Stream
Olympics 2021 Live Stream

How to watch the Summer Olympics 2021 live?

The whole world is waiting for the Summer Olympics 2020, but it is not possible for everyone to be there in Tokyo during the Olympics and watch the events live directly in the stadium. Hence, most of the viewers across the world are eager to know that from where they can watch the Olympics 2021 in their own countries. So the answer to this question is that people can watch the Tokyo Olympics LIVE on Europsport and the Eurosport Player. You just have to subscribe to Eurosport before the Olympics, and then you will be able to watch all the live action right on your screens.

What will be the highlights and top events of Summer Olympics 2021?

The key highlight of Summer Olympics 2021 is going to be its opening ceremony. The opening ceremony is scheduled to take place on 24th July, 2021. It has always been seen that Olympics always have the best opening ceremonies, and this time it being in Japan, the expectations of the people across the world are very high. It is expected to be the best opening ceremony of Olympics till date. So don’t miss it.

Another key event would be the first gold medal battle. The first gold medal will be awarded for shooting. It would be a 10m air rifle competition, where the best of the shooters from across the world would compete against each other to win the first gold medal of Summer Olympic 2021.
People are also excited for the road races that are scheduled to take place on 25th and 26th July. People are also excited to see Adam Peaty in the 100m breaststroke as it would be the competition of the best swimmers. Adam Peaty will be racing with other swimmers on 27th July.
Simone Biles, who already has four Olympic titles is also coming to Summer Olympics 2021 to increase the number of titles under her name. This unstoppable American will be seen in action on July 30 in Ariake Gymnastics Centre.

Although there are a lot of massive events that are going to take place in this Tokyo Olympics, but the world is excited to see that who is going to be the successor of Usain Bolt, as it would be the Olympics where the fastest runner on the planet won’t be participating. It would be very interesting to see that who would win the gold medal in his absence.

Tennis being one of the most famous sports of Olympics, would also catch a lot of eyeballs this year. All the best tennis players would be seen in Tokyo fighting for the Gold medal. Hence, it would also be one of the key events of this Tokyo Olympics.

Sport Discilpline Dates
Aquatics Swimming 24th July (Saturday) – 1st August (Sunday)
Diving 25th July (Sunday) – 28th July (Wednesday), 30th July  (Friday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Artistic Swimming 2nd August (Monday) – 4th August (Wednesday), 6th August (Friday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Water Polo 24th July (Saturday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Marathon Swimming 4th August (Wednesday) – 5th August (Thursday)
Archery 23rd July (Friday) – 31st July (Saturday)
Athletics Track & Field / Marathon 30th July (Friday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Race Walk 30th July (Friday), 6th August (Friday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Badminton 24th July (Saturday) – 2nd August (Monday)
Baseball/Softball Baseball 28th July (Wednesday) – 5th August (Thursday), 7th August (Saturday)
Softball 21st July (Wednesday) – 22nd July (Tuesday), 24th July (Saturday) – 27th July (Tuesday)
Basketball 3×3 Basketball July 24 (Saturday) – July 28 (Wednesday)
Basketball 25th July (Sunday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Boxing * 24th July (Saturday) – 1st August (Sunday), 3rd August (Tuesday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Canoe Slalom 25th July (Sunday) – 30th July (Friday)
Sprint 2nd August (Monday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Cycling BMX Freestyle 31st July (Saturday) –  1st August (Sunday)
BMX Racing 29th July (Thursday) – 30th July (Friday)
Mountain Bike 26th July (Monday) – 29th July (Tuesday)
Road 26th July (Saturday) –  25th July (Sunday), 28th July (Wednesday)
Track 2nd August (Monday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Equestrian Dressage 24th July (Saturday) – 25th July  (Sunday), 27th July (Tuesday) – 28th July (Wednesday)
Eventing 30th July (Friday) – 2nd August (Monday)
Jumping 3rd August (Tuesday) 6th August (Wednesday), 7th August (Friday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Fencing 24th July (Saturday) – 1st August (Sunday)
Football 21st July (Wednesday) – 22nd July (Thursday), 24th July (Saturday) – 25th July (Sunday), 27th July (Tuesday) – 28th July (Wednesday), 30th July (Friday) – 31st July (Saturday), 2nd August (Monday) – 3rd August (Tuesday), 5th August (Thursday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Golf 29th July (Thursday) – 1st August (Sunday), 4th August (Wednesday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Gymnastics Artistic 24th July (Saturday) – 29th July (Thursday), 1st August (Sunday) – 3rd August (Tuesday)
Rhythmic 6th August (Friday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Trampoline 30th July (Friday) – 31st July (Saturday)
Handball 24th July (Saturday) – 8th August (Sunday)
Hockey 24th July (Saturday) – 6th August (Friday)
Judo 24th July (Saturday) – 31st July (Saturday)
Karate Kata, Kumite 5th August (Thursday)- 7th August (Saturday)
Modern Pentathlon 5th August (Thursday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Rowing 23rd July (Friday) – 30th July (Friday)
Rugby 26th July (Monday) – 31st July (Saturday)
Sailing 25th July (Sunday) – 4th August (Wednesday)
Shooting Rifle and Pistol 24th July (Saturday) – 25th July (Sunday), 27th July (Tuesday), 29th July (Thursday) – 2nd August (Monday)
Shotgun 25th July (Sunday) – 26th July (Monday), 28th July (Wednesday) – 29th July (Thursday), 31st July (Saturday)
Skateboarding Park 4th August (Wednesday) – 5th August (Thursday)
Street 25th July (Sunday) – 26th July (Monday)
Sport Climbing 3rd August (Tuesday) – 6th August (Friday)
Surfing ** 25th July (Sunday) – 1st August (Sunday)
Table Tennis 24th July (Saturday) – 30th July (Friday), 1st August (Sunday) – 6th August (Friday)
Taekwondo 24th July (Saturday) – 27th July (Tuesday)
Tennis 24th July (Saturday) – 1st August (Sunday)
Triathlon 26th July (Monday) – 27th July (Tuesday), 31st July (Saturday)
Volleyball Beach Volleyball 24th July (Saturday) – 7th August (Saturday)
Volleyball 24th July (Saturday) – 8th August (Sunday)

Finally, the whole world would be waiting for the Closing Ceremony. After witnessing an unforgettable opening ceremony, the people would witness the closing ceremony of Summer Olympics 2021. It would again be a wonderful event and hence is in our list of key events of Olympics 2021.

How many sports and events would be there in Summer Olympics 2021?

The Tokyo Olympics 2021 would witness 33 different sports this time. These 33 sports are divided into 339 different events in 50 disciplines. In addition to this, there will be 5 new sports which are being added to list of sports for this edition of Olympics. Also, there would be 15 new events this time within the existing sports. You all must be curious to know that what are those newly added sports in the list of the sports for this Olympics? So let’s end your curiosity now as these sports are Karate, Surfing, Skateboarding, Baseball/Softball, and Sport Climbing. It would be really interesting to see these new sports in the Summer Olympics 2021.
With just a few months left in Olympics, the buzz for the event is at its peak. Let’s just wait for a few more months before witnessing the grand event ourselves. Till then, keep your excitement high.