Russia banned from Tokyo Summer Olympics 2020

Russia has got a massive hit by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) as they are banned from all the international sports for 4 years. This means that Russia will not be allowed to participate in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics 2020. It is indeed a big shocker for all the people living in Russia, as they were all eagerly waiting to support their country in the upcoming edition of Olympics, but now after this judgment which was against the Russian athletes, has led to their ban from the international sports.

Russia banned from Tokyo olympics
Russia banned from Tokyo olympics 2021

Russia has always faced the problems when it comes to doping. There are issues where the reports have clearly shown that the Russian athletes are indulging themselves into doping to increase their efficiency and ultimately the performance. This time after a report from the Canadian Researcher, a committee was formed and there were a lot of tests which were done on the players of Russia to check whether they are indulging themselves into any sort of doping or not. To the surprise of the committee, a lot of athletes have been found positive in the tests, which means that they were taking some unacceptable things.

Russia doing state-sponsored doping
It has been proved through the report that Russia has been doing this state sponsored doping for its athletes, for a multitude of sports, and hence this has led to their disqualification from all the international sports for 4 years. Russia’s Prime Minister has come forward to give his statement on this. He has said that it is impossible to deny the fact there have been some wrong doings by their athletes, and he agrees to this that the doping problem still exists in Russia.

Appeal to be made by Russia’s anti-doping agency
If you think this is the end to the road of Russia to international sports then you are mistaken, as Russia’s Anti-doping agency is now going to appeal for the ban. This means that this issue is now going to be in the international court, where the country would be fighting for its players so that they can also participate in the upcoming Summer Olympics 2020. Let’s see what comes out of this appeal by the Russia’s anti-doping agency. All the sports lovers of Russia would be praying and wishing that by any means Russia gets the clean chit in this case, and then they will be able to see their players on the international platform.

This news of ban is a big setback for all the climbers of Russia as well. People were having a lot of expectations from the Russian climbers as they were the strong competition this time, but this ban means that all their preparation can go into the vain, as they won’t be able to participate in the Summer Olympics 2020. Till then, let us wait that what is going to happen in the future, and will be able to see Russia participating in this upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

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